Inventive Retail Group:
Nike & Mercaux Project

Mobile Retail Platform Enabling In-Store
Digital Transformation

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Equipped with the sales assist app, Nike store associates improved the in- store customer shopping experience by offering complete looks, being able to instantly find required product and size, articulate product benefits and recommend matching items.

Ekaterina Dobrovolskaya
Head of Nike department, Inventive Retail Group

Project Details & Objectives

Nike and Mercaux project was launched with the goal to empower
sales people with a digital tool to achieve the following:

  • Conversion
    Conversion uplift and higher efficiency of Sales People
  • Service
    Superior customer service
  • Communication
    Streamline and simplify communications between
    HQ and stores

Modules & Functionalities

Sales Support Digital Styling VM Operations In-Store Communication
  • Sales Support
  • Digital Styling
  • VM Operations
  • In-Store Communication
Sales Support
Provides sales people with full product knowledge, inventory overview, alternatives and cross-selling recommendations
Sales Support
Digital Styling
Turns sales people into styling experts offering looks approved by the brand and showing the best how-to-wear suggestions
Digital Styling
VM Operations
Reporting on VM operations with the possibility to communicate with HQ in real time and make corrections according to their comments
VM Operations
In-Store Communication
Allows faster communication between the shop floor and the store warehouse for seamless customer assistance
In-Store Communication

Rollout Phases & Steps

After proving that leveraging digital technology in-store leads to a superior customer experience and increased sales, Nike proceeded with rollout across more stores and adding new modules and features to the App.

  • PHASE 1
    Phase 1
    Sales Assist
    Sales Support  |  Digital Styling
  • PHASE 2
    Phase 2
    Store Operations
    Communications & VM  |  In-store analytics
  • PHASE 3
    Next Steps
    Phase 3
    New modules
    Reservation  |  E-mailing  |  Clienteling

Results & Effects

  • Conversion uplift
    Conversion uplift
  • Active users daily
    Active users daily
  • Events per store
    Events every day per store
  • Looks
    Looks created by Sales People

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