Empowering sales staff to increase in-store sales and enhance customer experience

A retail solution that connects stores with HQs,
delivering real-time Inventory, Product, and Styling information at sales associatesí fingertips via a guided selling Phone / Tablet App

Powerful and easy to integrate
Help Sales Associates Sell
Increase in-store sales by supporting sales associates with inventory, cross-sell, and styling data at their fingertips.
Manage Content Real-Time
Improve margins by promoting slow sellers early.
Customize Feature Set
Modular platform that allows you to cut down on noise. Only use the features your business needs.
Integrate seamlessly
Hassle-free integration with your inventory and e-commerce. No need to change your systems or create new data.
Retail: Drive In-Store Revenue
  • Drive items/units per transaction (IPT/UPT) an conversion with outfit pairings
  • Increase conversion by offering other similar items
  • Improve the customer experience through better customer service
  • Reduce the costs to onboard store staff with product knowledge integration
How it works

Sales People can easily find
any product in the Catalogue... Search by category, color, or available size

... or just scan barcode
to check availability With existing phone camera or a scanner

See all Product information at fingertips
and Check the size Check availability and see if a product is on sale

Get cross-sell recommendations... Show matching products and accessories

... and styles suggestions Show looks and send them by email to your client

Show Alternatives
if Product is not available Offer in-store alternatives or order online

Functionality and Features:

Build outfit pairings and assign cross-sell rules in one click

Get cross-sell suggestions on your iPad and suggest to your clients to drive UPT