Results & Effects

  • Actionable in-store customer behaviour data
    Actionable in-store customer behaviour data
  • Track Sales Associate behaviour in-store
    Track Sales Associate behaviour in-store
  • Understand in-store product funnel and lost sales
    Understand in-store product funnel and lost sales


Actionable In-store Customer Behaviour

Understand what your customers are requesting most for in-store by analysing search terms used when they approach your staff for help.

Analyse Individual Customer Behaviour from your CRM System

Track engagement with your loyal customers to reveal their preferences and behaviours to use in future sales, marketing and promotional activities.

Understand Sales Associate Engagement with Customers

Reveal how your staff are interacting with customers. Match their usage of the App with sales data to reveal impact of Mercaux on sales. Track usage of the App (broken down by store) to ensure a good adoption level is being achieved.

Popular Products and Lost Sales

View the most popular products browsed in-store and understand instances where you lost sales due to lack of inventory.

Content Creation

Manage all the content displayed in the App from the HQ Platform. Define what products should be displayed as alternatives to recapture lost sales or create recommendations to inspire customers to increase their basket size.

Configure the App

Configure every element of the App to match your branding with fully adjustable UI and UX elements. Easily control the in-store experience with our sophisticated roles & permissions management module, allowing different levels of access across the organisation.

VM Guidelines & Training

Upload visual merchandising and store guidelines, training materials and HR directives from HQ to stores in multiple formats (including video). In response, stores can upload store reports, feedback, images and videos back to HQ.

Store Communications

Communicate easily between individual stores and HQ for feedback on products, materials or looks. Receive instant notification through the HQ Platform in order to respond to stores quickly.

Solution Overview

Download the solution overview sheet to share details of our HQ Advanced Analytics and Content Management capabilities with interested colleagues.

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