Respond to Inbound Requests and
Generate New Outbound Conversations

Results & Effects

  • Improve LTV and satisfaction by maintaining a personalised dialogue with customers remotely
  • Generate incremental store and online sales by creating a brand new 121 service channel
  • Capture every conversation and customer preferences to use across other channels

A Convergence of Customer Relationship Channels

Allow customers to start a conversation with you from your digital channels

Offer ecommerce shoppers, social media browsers and recipients of marketing communications the option to humanise the experience. Display QR codes on ecommerce, integrate seamlessly with existing chat bots or display links in social media bios for a customer to launch an immediate WhatsApp conversation with you.

Sales Associates instigate timely conversations from lists

Leverage insights collected in-store or online to continue the conversation remotely or instigate brand new conversations with customers. Communicate in a timely manner via pre-defined lists (e.g., Birthday, VIP, New Collection), and use a customer’s viewed items, sales staff notes, wish lists, purchases and abandoned baskets to start conversations.

Tailored talking points from 360 Customer View & content from Assisted Selling Solution

Integration with Mercaux’s Clienteling solution provides Sales Associates with a 360-degree view of the customer’s previous engagement with your brand so the conversation can be tailored to their specific profile. Further integration with Mercaux’s Assisted Selling solution allows Store Associates to easily share products, styles or (in the case of DIY) designs with the customer.

Monitor and Measure every Conversation

Every conversation is saved to the customer’s profile in the Clienteling App for future Sales Associates to refer to in follow up conversations, or HQ Teams to monitor staff performance. Specific interactions within the conversation, such as ‘liked’ products, are also recorded on the customer’s profile and available for HQ Teams to report on from within Mercaux’s Analytics Platform.

Additional resources

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