Our Mission

Retail Stores have changed. They are no longer simply selling - they have become multi-purpose omnichannel centres. They now operate as acquisition, marketing, customer service, remote selling and fulfilment centres. Our mission is to help transform retail stores with our built-for-purpose modular in-store digital platform.

About Mercaux

Mercaux helps retail stores transition from a simple sales channel into a multi-purpose experience, fulfilment and remote selling centre. We do this by bringing the benefits of digital in-store to power 'The Connected Store'.

Our "Connected Store Associate" solutions, Sales Assist, Omnichannel and Clienteling, equip staff with instant access to product information, company-wide inventory, digital content, customers’ profiles and wish lists, through to mobile checkout capabilities. Our Remote Selling solutions further allow Associates to communicate with customers via WhatsApp, SMS and Video.

Our "Connected Customers" solutions, B2C In-Store Web App, Self Service Kiosks and Digital Fitting Rooms, allow customers that want to keep socially distanced from staff in-store to serve themselves.
Our "Connected Insights" use these technologies to opens the black box of in-store data so retailers can understand what actions contribute to a sale (or lost basket) in a customer’s path-to-purchase by revealing customer behaviours, staff performance and product funnels, and match these with insights from other channels.

Mercaux is a "Digital Lego" Platform, which means that all our solutions are seamlessly integrated together, but still can be launched independently giving you flexibility and agility to chose your own path to digitalisation.

When clients like Nike, French Connection and Tendam adopt digital tools in their stores, they see an increase in conversion, loyalty and units per transaction (UPT). On average they experience a sales uplift of 8% and 5x ROI.

Meet some of The Team

Olga Kotsur
co-Founder & CEO
Alex Petrov
co-Founder & CTO
David Miller
Cristina Afonso
Global Head of Customer Success
Jonathan Horemans
VP North America & GTM
Shaun Britton
Carles Ferrer Roqueta
General Partner, Nauta Capital (Mercaux Investors)
Frank Lord
Board Member & CRO, RELEX Solutions

Company Spotlight

  • <span>Customers</span><br>1,000+ stores, operating across 32 countries
    1,000+ stores, operating across 32 countries
  • <span>Partners</span><br>Salesforce and SAP Official Partners
    Salesforce and SAP Official Partners
  • <span>Security</span><br>ISO 27001 Certified and PCI DSS compliant
    ISO 27001 Certified and PCI DSS compliant
  • <span>Awards</span><br>Retail Technology Vendor of the Year - 2020
    Retail Technology Vendor of the Year - 2020
  • <span>Funding</span><br>VC-backed with leading investor Nauta Capital
    VC-backed with leading investor Nauta Capital

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