With a wide range of electronics options available it’s crucial to deploy solutions that simplify the search and discovery process. Make it easy customers to easily find the right brands, models, and features that align with their specific needs. Additionally, facilitate cross-selling of accessories and add-on services.

Efficient Search & Discover

Scan a barcode of an item on display to instantly reveal availability, detailed product specifications or use the powerful search and filter functionality to display recommendations from the full endless aisle catalogue.

Compare Makes and Models

Give customers a seamless comparison experience to easily evaluate and contrast various models for a specific item. With an intuitive user interface, customers can simply swipe through the diverse range of options available from the extensive product selection, facilitating their quest to make the perfect purchase.

Bespoke Shopping Experiences

Harness the power of past omnichannel interactions to automatically generate personalised recommendations from your collection tailored to cater to the specific preferences, or previous purchases, of your regular customers.

Promote Add-on Services

Streamline the purchase process by including precise finance options, warranties, and after-purchase care packages in the Mercaux App, allowing store associates to manage the entire path-to-purchase in one location.

Create Universal Baskets

Enable customers to create digital baskets that combine in-store products with items from various other channels. They can choose to purchase in-store, save them to their online profile, or send them via email or WhatsApp for purchasing at a later date.

Flexible Payment & Fulfilment

Provide your customers with flexible payment options for larger ticket purchases, allowing them to choose their preferred method, such as convenient "Buy Now Pay Later" options or in-store financing. Moreover, extend their freedom of choice by offering flexible delivery methods, enabling them to receive the goods according to their preferences and convenience.

Self-Service Product Discovery

For larger store formats, eliminate the need for customers to search for an item (or store associate) by introducing self-service kiosks. These kiosks allow customers to browse the endless aisle, locate products in-store and request assistance should they need it.

Quick and Easy Self-Checkout

For customers seeking a quick in-store experience, deploy self-service kiosks to help them bypass queues and effortlessly complete the final step of their purchase journey without the need for assistance.

Sell Remotely from Store

Continue the conversation from store or initiate brand new conversations via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, leveraging insights from a customer’s 360° omnichannel profile, such as newly released models for a brand they follow.

Vertical Overview

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