Without in-store data, you are unable to identify the behaviours that are causing lost sales

lost sales

In-Store Data Streams

  • A solution for customers who want to keep their distance from staff
    Customer Behaviour
    reveals what is being requested in-store
  • Access to endless aisle of products and availability
    Staff Performance
    reveals how staff are selling in-store
  • Build a virtual basket of items they want to purchase
    Product Funnel
    reveals interest levels of products prior to purchase (or not)

Customer Behaviour

Actionable In-store Customer Behaviour

Understand what your customers are requesting most for in-store by analysing search terms and product requests when they approach staff for help.

Analyse Individual Customer Behaviour from your
CRM System

Track engagement with your loyal customers to reveal their preferences and behaviours to use in future sales,
marketing and promotional activities.

Staff Performance

Understand Sales Associate Engagement with Customers

Reveal how your staff are interacting with customers. Match their usage of the App with sales data to reveal impact of Mercaux on sales. Track usage of the App (broken down by store) to ensure a good adoption level is being achieved.

Product Funnel

Popular Products and
Lost Sales

View the most popular products browsed in-store and understand instances where you lost sales due to lack of inventory.

Analyse Your In-Store Performance in One Centralised HQ Platform

Plug in Third-Party
Data to Measure
In-Store Attribution

Integrate footfall, POS and eCommerce data feeds into the HQ Platform to attribute customer, staff and product behaviours to converted or lost sales.

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