To drive sales in the beauty retail sector, personalised recommendations are essential. That's why we have developed a custom solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of the beauty purchase. This ensures that store associates can quickly pinpoint the products that best fit the customers need and inspire them to purchase, whether they are in-store or engaging remotely.

Inspirational Selling Content

Take customers on an captivating journey by showcasing your complete product range with compelling descriptions that showcase the quality of your products, details the luxurious ingredients that go into every item, demonstrates your sustainability credentials, and highlights celebrity and influencer endorsements.

Make Complex Products Simple

Our assisted selling solution is tailor-made for beauty stores and concessions, enabling you to apply numerous colour or shade parameters to each item. This empowers your team to present customers with the perfect choices aligned to their specific needs, every time.

Bespoke Shopping Experiences

Harness the power of past omnichannel interactions to automatically generate personalised recommendations from your collection tailored to cater to the specific preferences of your regular customers.

Conduct Customer Interviews

Guide customers effortlessly towards their ideal item by utilising a pre-defined set of targeted questions. Watch as the platform efficiently filters through your vast array of products, presenting only the most relevant options that perfectly align with their needs and preferences.

Convenient Appointments

Offer appointment-based visits to your stores, granting customers a convenient avenue to book beauty trials or personalised shopping experiences. Manage the entire booking process, from receiving and confirming appointments to scheduling, all within the Mercaux App. Capture valuable insights by recording detailed notes from each appointment and enrich the customer's 360° profile for future interactions.

Sell Remotely from Store

Continue the conversation from store or initiate brand new conversations via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, leveraging insights from a customer’s 360° omnichannel profile, such as upcoming birthdays or newly released items from their favourite brands.

Create Universal Baskets

Enable customers to create digital baskets that combine in-store products with items from various other channels. They can choose to purchase in-store, save them to their online profile, or send them via email or WhatsApp for purchasing at a later date.

Vertical Overview

Download this vertical overview sheet to share details of our tailored solutions for Beauty stores with colleagues.

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