Multitenant Cloud-Based SaaS Platform

Enabling retailers to quickly implement and scale in-store digital capabilities

Mercaux’s Platform Architecture

The Mercaux platform is modular, configurable and highly adaptive to ensure it works with retailers’ existing systems and meets individual requirements.

  • Cloud Based
    Cloud based (Amazon Web Services) that provides trustworthy and scalable infrastructure for faster roll-outs
  • Modular
    Modular based functionalities that enable a flexible and configurable solution
  • Apps
    Apps which work across a broad range of interfaces and hardware devices e.g. iPads, magic mirrors, self-service stations, etc.
Cloud Diagram Cloud Diagram
Integration Hub
Integration Hub
Mercaux Integration Hub offers an easy modular API integration with majority of systems including: CRM, E-com, OMS and Payments, etc. It supports:

  • Multiple transport protocols
  • Data formats
    Google Product Feed, Amazon Product Feed, Yandex Product Feed etc.
  • Bespoke feeds in different formats
    CSV, XML etc.

Given the flexible integration, Mercaux is able to prepare a demo integration in 2- 3 days and production integration within 2 weeks.
Solution Modularity
Solution Modularity
Mercaux offers solutions that retailers are able to switch on and off based on business readiness and technical capabilities for integration. This gives the opportunity to have a phased rollout plan around other key technology projects such as new CRM, IMS or POS systems. Mercaux's solutions include:

  • Sales Assist
  • Styling and Storytelling
  • Store Operations & Communication
  • Omnichannel
  • Fulfilment
  • Clienteling
  • Mobile checkout
Configurable vs. Customisable
Configurable vs. Customisable
Mercaux’s SaaS based solution is highly configurable – as opposed to customisable – allowing retailers to readily and easily adapt the solution to their specific needs retaining their brand image and DNA. The Mercaux platform:

  • Supports adjustable UI/UX elements, colours & branding
  • Provides a sophisticated Roles & Permissions management module that allows for the creation of different levels of access across the organisation.
    (For example, some functionalities or content can be restricted or made visible only for certain roles, e.g. Store manager vs. Sales Person)
  • Supports 10+ languages and new languages can be added in weeks
  • Content can be split between countries and managed by local teams using country-specific roles and settings.
  • Requires fewer resources for administration, more stable and reliable system, that is more cost effective to support
Device Coverage
Device Coverage
Mercaux App supports both major operating systems – iOS and Android which allows to cover a bunch on devices and scenarios

  • iOS iPod/iPhone app for simplified service in hands of sales people (Size check, Runner app, quick e-com orders etc.)
  • iOS iPad app for sales people
  • iOS iPad/iPad Pro app for self-service scenarios
  • Android app for tablets in hands of sales people
  • Android app for tablets or large touch panels for digital mirrors and self-service scenarios
WiFi Independence & Local Storage
WiFi Independence & Local Storage
Mercaux is a cloud-based platform, the in-store applications receive data directly from the cloud via regular updates and store key product information locally which enables the apps to work without the need for a constant WIFI connection.

Though the internet connection is required for placing online orders or emailing customers, the app itself is fully functional even in those store areas that have “dead WIFI zones”. In order to provide a fast and seamless user experience, once connection is restored the app will automatically download only data differences since the last update, which means it does not require significant bandwidth.

This means that retailers do not need to upgrade their WIFI infrastructure if they want to launch Mercaux.
Secure storage of all the client and customer data
Secure storage of all the client and customer data
Mercaux does not store any personal data or transactions, however, we have developed a backend system with the highest security аds in mind that have been independently tested and verified by cyber security experts.

  • Data is stored in AWS storage systems (RDS for product information and main database, CloudFront and S3 for images and files) and being delivered to devices via a secured HTTPS-connection and additional authentication tokens (AWS CF Tokens and ECC Mercaux tokens)
  • System architecture developed according to latest best practices white paper released by Amazon and Apple security guidelines
  • Backend API is completely isolated by Amazon firewalls and HTTPS-balancers
  • Amazon Security certificates: DoD SRG, FedRAMP, FIPS, IRAP, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, MLPS, level 3, MTCS, PCI DSS Level 1, SEC, rule 17-a-4(f), SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, Cyber Essentials Plus

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