Mercaux's In-Store Clienteling and CX Platform empowers retailers to deliver exceptional shopping experiences, both in-store and remotely, to boost sales, loyalty, and profitability. We are able to achieve all this (in part) due to our unique composable architecture.
MACH principles have rapidly begun to dominate the omnichannel commerce space. Now, retailers have greater opportunity to bring the benefits of MACH into their brick n’ mortar stores. Mercaux is one of the leading commerce players in this channel, giving retailers the ability to create a frictionless omnichannel shopping experience in-store, through their MACH certified offering.
Casper Rasmussen
MACH Alliance President

How is the Platform Architecture unique?

Mercaux’s decomposed in-store platform easily digests the feeds of existing technologies (such as eCom, OMS and CDP) to extend their benefits into store, whilst feeding back valuable in-store behaviour, product and transactional data to unify channel data across the entire business. This approach enables our customers to deliver great omnichannel experiences that their customers love; in a faster and more flexible way than ever before.
  • Cloud and Data storage
    Cloud and Data storage
  • Modular functionalities
    Modular functionalities
  • HQ and In-Store Frontends
    HQ and In-Store Frontends
  • Several integration layers through API
    Several integration layers through API
  • Logic / Engine, on backend & App level
    Logic / Engine, on backend & App level
  • Single Code, Single App
    Single Code, Single App

Deploy what you need, when you need it

From Mercaux’s very inception we decided to take a composable-first approach to everything we do, giving retailers the choice on the independent solutions they would like to deploy from product discovery through to self-checkout — this flexibility enables retailers to deliver what they need in-store, exactly how and when they want to.

Mercaux’s multi-layer platform approach

How does this approach benefit you?


The Mercaux platform is built on three core principles:
  • Our composable architecture is API-first (both for external integrations and Mercaux Backend-Frontend)
  • We have a Hybrid Backend-Frontend approach to data, logic and integrations
  • All of this is under a single code and a single app, with various modules and configurations
What do we mean by a hybrid model for logic and integrations?
  • Hybrid data storage on an App and Cloud level, including both existing data to enable in-store scenarios, and new in-store data, such as customer journey analytics
  • Easy to simply switch on new features or entire solutions, reducing time to market for changes


For IT, Transformation, and Business teams:
  • Lower cost of ownership, with regular, inexpensive and unobtrusive updates
  • Unparalleled speed of deployment for new features and updates
  • Stability of integrations, through hybrid integrations with Cloud and the Mercaux app, including in-app data storage
  • Built-in monitoring and alerts system acts to prevent and resolve issues quickly
How do other teams benefit operationally? Store and Retail teams:
  • No (or minimal) training required as a result of intuitive UI/UX
  • Support for various store roles via flexible app settings
Retail Ops, Analytics & Content Marketing teams:
  • Access to valuable in-store analytics, such as customer behaviour data, which is made acitonable in the analytics portal
  • No coding required to configure the App with promotional content, pre-built looks, recommendations, etc.


Redefining what “Points of Service” are for the store:
  • Platform covers various pre-checkout, core POS, and post-checkout scenarios in-store, with an array of solutions supporting the customer at every touchpoint
  • Every action in-store is captured, allowing retailers to visualise the full customer journey, as well as the actions of salespeople
  • Mercaux HQ portal supports content management, alongside centralising analytics, dashboards & operational management
WiFi Independence and Local Storage:
  • App receives data directly from the Cloud via regular updates, working without the need for a constant WiFi connection
  • Support of various store roles via flexible app settings
Supporting Omnichannel shopping journeys:
  • Integration with retailer’s existing CRM/CDP, E-com, PIM, OMS, supports a fricitonless omnichannel experience (such as ROPO)
  • Next Gen POS assists fluid transactions, following customers through multiple channels, and allowing them to checkout using any device, and any payment method in-store

Secure storage of client and customer data

Mercaux does not store any personal data or transactions, however, we have developed a backend system with the highest security in mind and have secured independent certifications for PCI DSS, and ISO 27001, as well as being GDPR compliant.
  • Secure data and asset storage (RDS for product information and main database, CloudFront and S3 for images and files) and delivered via a secured HTTPS-connection and authentication tokens (AWS CF and ECC Mercaux tokens)
  • System architecture according to latest best practices from Amazon and Apple security guidelines
  • Backend API is completely isolated by Amazon firewalls and HTTPS-balancers
  • Our certifications include: PCI DSS Level 1 Service provider, ISO 27001, GDPR Compliance, together with security certificates of Amazon AWS.

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