For those individuals seeking truly remarkable purchases, whether it's rare finds to enhance collections, new pieces to elevate outfits, or thoughtful gifts, have your advisors leverage inspirational content, including detailed descriptions about the manufacturing process, the rich heritage behind each item, as well as captivating pictures and videos, to provide a bespoke shopping experience.

Inspirational Selling Content

Take customers on an opulent journey by showcasing your complete product catalogue with compelling descriptions of exquisite craftsmanship, sustainable practices, luxurious materials, rich heritage, and celebrity endorsements, as well as user generated content from your own store staff.

Bespoke Shopping Experiences

Harness the power of past omnichannel interactions to automatically generate personalised recommendations from your collection tailored to cater to the specific preferences of regular customers and collectors.

Convenient Appointments

Offer appointment-based visits to your stores, enabling customers to request specific products in advance for a personalised shopping experience. Seamlessly manage all bookings through the Mercaux App and capture appointment notes to enrich the customer's profile.

Sell Remotely from Store

Continue the conversation from store or initiate brand new conversations via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, leveraging insights from a customer’s 360° omnichannel profile, such as upcoming birthdays or newly added pieces to their favourite collections. Leverage task management to direct Store Associates to customers most likely to respond to outbound messages.

Create Universal Baskets

Enable customers to create digital baskets that combine in-store products with items from various other channels. They can choose to purchase in-store, save them to their online profile, or send them via email or WhatsApp for purchasing at a later date.

Promote Add-ons & Checkout

For larger purchases, offer flexible payment option in-store such as Buy Now Pay Later. Additionally, use the opportunity to up-sell add-ons such as after care packages or insurance options

Flexible Omnichannel Fulfilment

Our system harnesses company-wide inventory to efficiently locate and fulfil customer orders for specific items. By doing so, we eliminate the need for store associates to reference online inventory or make time-consuming calls to other stores.

Efficient After Care Support

Easily handle customers' requests to bring items in for repair, resizing, polishing, or cleaning. Manage the entire experience, from booking the request to accepting the item, providing timely updates to the customer, and efficiently returning the item.

Vertical Overview

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