Customers visit Home & Furniture stores for various reasons, from everyday purchases to seeking advice for transformative projects. To accommodate diverse customer scenarios, deploy solutions that quickly guide them to suitable products, or inspire purchasing complete projects, both in-store and remotely.

Why is a purpose-built solution needed?

Adress diverse Customer needs

Expert advice or quick purchases

Reflect Complex Products

Apply numerous parameters like colour, style, and size

Transformation Projects

Support for longer-term refurbishment projects

Promote relevant add-ons

Offer insurance, after-care services and extended warranty

A Single App for Store Associates

Utilise Advanced Product Search

Use powerful search capabilities to filter entire product assortment by the finest details like material, shape, style, and more unique attributes. See matching products in-store, online and from other stores.

Utilise Complex Product Parameters

Apply numerous colour, style, and size parameters to each item you present. Elevate product discovery, spotlighting sustainable design and eco-materials. Inspire customers to 'purchase the look' of an entirely new living-room or bedroom by displaying designs alongside products.

Access Customer Profile and Capture In-Store Behaviours

Access a customer’s 360° profile including purchase history, wishlist, loyalty status and personal preferences (preferred material, style, other). Capture missing information and in-store behaviour for future remarketing.

Provide Bespoke Shopping Experiences

Harness the power of past interactions for personalised recommendations generated from your collection and tailored individually by recommendation engine.

Book Appointments with design team

Offer appointment-based interior design services for your clients. Work together on clients’ design needs for a personalised shopping experience. Save notes and create dedicated wishlists and looks for each of the spaces.

Sell Remotely from Store

Initiate a new conversations via inbounds from Ecom, email, SMS, or WhatsApp or send outbound messages. Utilise 360° profile view and full inventory access to personalise every interaction, whether continuing in-store dialogues or driving new ones.

Promote Add-ons & Checkout

For larger purchases, offer flexible payment option in-store such as Buy Now Pay Later. Additionally, use the opportunity to up-sell offering aftercare service, product customisation options or warranty and complete transaction with mPOS capability.

Leverage Tasks for Timely Next Steps

Orchestrate personalised interactions via Task Management capabilities by allowing your store staff to create client-related reminders and channeling tasks based on automated client engagement rules.

Flexible Omnichannel Fulfilment

Harness company-wide inventory online and in other stores to efficiently locate and fulfill customer orders for specific items, for them to order online, reserve & collect, fulfill from store stock or arrange a ship-from-store.

Keep staff focused, informed and aligned

Centralise and prioritise daily operations from visual merchandising to price adjustments and product training with Task Management module designed for both manager-delegated and HQs-driven tasks.

Allow Stores & Staff to easily track KPIs

Empower stores with immediate access to their KPIs and progress through dynamic dashboards or uploaded reports on usage and performance. Enable a clear view of goals vs. current achievements.

Track usage and gain valuable insights

Harness usage statistics to understand customer journey, lost sales and preferences. Make store staff activities transparent and measurable. Collect actionable insights to refine the shopping experience.

A Suite of Self-Service Solutions

Progressive Web Apps

Equip customers with digital self-service capabilities on their own device and give them the power to easily discover products, check availability, build baskets and checkout anywhere in-store.

Self-Service Discovery Kiosks

Introduce self-service kiosks to eliminate the need for customers to search for items (or store associates). Customers browse the endless aisle, find inspiration from engaging content on display, and easily request assistance.

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Enhance the convenience of customers seeking a quick in-store experience by deploying self-service kiosks. These kiosks enable customers to bypass queues complete their purchase using scanning or RFID technology.

Vertical Overview

Download this vertical overview sheet to share details of our tailored solutions for Home & Furniture stores with colleagues.

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