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Personalise the relationship between sales people and customers by leveraging customer profiles to create a more meaningful and personal experience. Mercaux enables sales people to access customer’s past purchases and online wish lists as well as custom recommendations based on their unique preference. In addition, send bespoke email messages with customisable templates and attach recommended products.


Identify Customers In Store
Identify the customer in store through loyalty programme, email or name and view their personal profile in-app.
Personalise the Experience
Access individual customers profiles, including past purchases and online wish list for a personalised experience. View AI-generated recommendations and alternatives based on customer preferences.
Capture Behaviour &
Enrich Customer Profiles
Capture data on customer behaviour in store and enrich CRM with interesting facts, preferences and product feedback.
Share Looks and Email
Baskets to Customers
Give your customers the VIP treatment and email personalised looks, customised baskets and bespoke messages to inspire them to return to the store or shop online.

Results & Effects

  • Single customer view<br>across all channels
    Single customer view
    across all channels
  • Higher conversion with<br>personalised recommendations
    Higher conversion with
    personalised recommendations
  • +50% uplift in CRM<br>engagement
    +50% uplift in CRM

Don’t just sell products,
build trust and create relationships

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