The business benefits that we wanted to accomplish were to reduce the friction in the transactional journey, such as avoid the queue and ultimately reduce the wait time, but also reduce the amount of staff time needed to occupy the POS desks. Instead, we wanted to redirect that resource to assist customers and ultimately improve the customer experience.
David Edwards
Head of Architecture at River Island

Partnership Goals & Objectives

A quick, fun, and efficient way to checkout. This was the vision for the team at River Island when they launched the project with Mercaux. They knew that achieving these three things will ultimately results in a positive impact towards business critical KPIs for the store.
  • 50%of all transactions to pass through RFID self-checkout
  • Redirect
    from fixed POS desks to shop floor
  • Omnichannel
    of product, promo, basket & customer
“It’s always very satisfying to see (the customers’) reactions. I think it’s been really great to have these introduced to our store. It allows a lot more of our staff to get out on the shop floor and have more of an intimate experience with the customer. When we finally get to them to the sale, it’s a lot quicker and more efficient. It has opened up a lot more opportunity for me to expand my skills in the business and what new opportunities we can get from the checkout.”
River Island Bluewater Store Staff
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