Personalised Customer Experience

Learn how Mercaux is transforming the customer experience in-store

Measurable results driven by:

  • Personalised Service
    Personalised Service
  • Customer Insights
    Customer Insights
  • Increased LTV
    Increased LTV
A Single Customer View
Access customer purchase history and online wishlists in-store. Capture data on customer preferences and interests to inform future recommendations across channels.
“We've got the perfect boots to go with the coat you bought last week.”
Personalised Recommendations
Use insights based on previous purchase history and wishlists to give personalised recommendations for the perfect outfit.
“Do you have anything to match this dress?”
Build Looks with Customers
Engage customers in the experience of building a complete style, ensuring that they leave the store satisfied.
Intelligent Pairing
Pair products based on suitability driven by AI, or tailor recommendations to match attributes like eye colour, for an inspiring experience.
One-to-One Communications
Delight customers with tailored one-to-one communications on special events like birthdays. Attach a complete look to go with a recent purchase, or inspire the customer with a few favourite pieces from the new collection.
Customer Insights
Learn about your customer and keep track of all of your customer knowledge, ensuring a consistent experience every time.

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