A purpose-built platform for the specific needs of the omnichannel customer journey in Footwear" data-translation="page_vertical_shoes.page_subtitle_meta" /> <span class="error_translation">Footwear</span>
Migliora l'esperienza di acquisto consentendo di scoprire facilmente la vostra collezione di scarpe ed elimina la principale frustrazione per gli acquirenti: l'attesa che i prodotti vengano portati dal magazzino al negozio.

Why is a purpose-built solution needed?

Easily compare different types

Display multiple shoes alongside one another

Record customer interests & size

Ask the customer once for their preferences

Quickly move items from stock room

Reduce the wait time for customer to receive shoes

Sell remotely from the Store

Inspire customers to purchase from home

A Single App for Store Associates

Utilise Advanced Product Search

Use powerful search capabilities to filter entire product assortment by various details like size, colour, fit, fabric, style, and others. See available matching products in-store, online and in other stores.

Access Product Details & Inspirational Content

Elevate product discovery, spotlighting sustainable production, materials, and cross-sell recommendations. Enhance engagement through celebrity endorsements and visual stories that inspire.

Access Customer Profile and Capture In-Store Behaviours

Access a customer’s 360° profile including purchase history, wishlist, loyalty status and personal preferences (colours, style, other). Capture missing information and in-store behaviour for future remarketing.

Provide Bespoke Shopping CX

Generated bespoke recommendations for your customers from your collection using their past interactions, online wish lists, abandoned baskets and purchases.

Request Items from Stockroom

Save time by eliminating endless replenishments trips to the stock room by sending requests through the Mercaux App. Provide back-of-house staff with an easy-to-use list of requested products, track progress, and significantly reducing wait times.

Sell Remotely from Store

Respond to inbound enquiries via E-com, email, or WhatsApp, or initiate brand new outbound conversations. Leverage a customer’s 360° profile to access tailored talking tracks & personalise every interaction.

Digital Styling & Bundling

Turn your store associates into style experts by giving them a simple drag-and-drop tool to create outfits from your catalogue. Share these looks with the clients, encouraging them to “buy the look” instead of a single item.

Leverage Tasks for Timely Next Steps

Orchestrate personalised interactions via Intelligent Task Management by easily creating client-related reminders, or setup automated rules for creating tasks automatically at optimal times.

Flexible Omnichannel Fulfilment

Harness company-wide inventory to create mixed baskets of omnichannel items in-store and remotely, and fulfil these orders through the various channels to support BOPIS, Click & Collect, and ship-from-store.

Keep Staff Focused, Informed and Aligned

Centralise and prioritise daily operations, from visual merchandising to price adjustments and product training, with Intelligent Task Management designed for both manager and HQ-driven tasks created manually, in bulk, or automatically.

Allow Stores & Staff to easily Track KPIs

Provide stores with immediate access to their KPIs and performance through dynamic dashboards, enabling a clear view of their progress against agreed goals.

Track Usage and Gain Valuable Insights

Harness usage statistics to understand customer journey, lost sales and preferences. Make store staff activities transparent and measurable. Collect actionable insights to refine in-store CX.

A Suite of Self-Service Solutions

Web App for Scan&Go or Self-Discovery

Equip customers with digital self-service capabilities on their own device and give them the power to easily discover products, check availability, build baskets and checkout anywhere in-store.

Self-Service Discovery Kiosks

Introduce Self-Service Touch Screen Kiosks for customers to easily browse the endless aisle catalogue. Find inspiration from engaging content on display, or easily request assistance from staff.

Self-Checkout Kiosks

Enhance in-store CX by removing the biggest pain point in their in-store journey - the line at the cash register. Offer your customers the ultimate in convenience by quickly checking out using barcode scanning or RFID.

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