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Measurable results driven by:

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  • <span class=Basket Size">
    Basket Size
  • <span class=Omnichannel Orders">
    Omnichannel Orders
Do you have this in my size?
Instant Stock Check Without Leaving the Customer’s side
Improve conversion with instant access to live stock information, removing the need to leave the customer.
Sorry, we don't have this, but I have 4 similar options in your size.
Provide In-Store Alternatives to End Lost Sales
Improve conversion by showing in-store alternatives if the required product or size is out of stock.
Sorry, we don't have this in your size, but we have it in our nearest store.
Show Availability in Other Stores and Online
Recapture lost sales by never saying "no" to a customer in-store.
I am looking for a beige trench coat in size medium.
The Right Product, Every Time
Improve conversion and find exactly what the customer is looking for with access to the entire omnichannel catalogue, powerful search and filtering.
By the way, this is a limited edition coat made with organic materials.
Powerful Product Information
Give sales associates the product information they need to make a sale, from material composition to product images, videos and social media content, all at their fingertips.
By the way, we have a great scarf to match this coat.
Suggest Matching Items to Increase Basket Size
Equip sales associates to offer tailored recommendations pre-filtered by in-store availability.
I need an outfit for a wedding.
Sell Outfits or Bundles, Not Just Products
Inspire your customers with pre-built looks and bundles to increase basket size.
Thanks, I'll buy it online then.
Sell Online from In-store
Place e-commerce orders from tablets in-store, increasing conversion for out-of-stock items. Enable customers to shop from wherever they want by emailing produts and complete baskets for later purchase online.

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