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    Modular Solution
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Path to Digitalisation
Gain immediate benefits today, while paving the way for future in-store digital transformation with a future-proof platform that fits in with your transformation roadmap.
A Single, Integrated App
Mercaux offers a single, integrated app that covers many use cases, from recommendations to store operations, without the cost and complexity of multiple systems.
The Mercaux platform is modular, meaning that new features can be introduced subject to individual requirements and IT readiness.
Start Today
The core modules of Mercaux require only a minimal level of integration with e-commerce to see a sales uplift, meaning our platform can be easily implemented alongside more complex digital transformation projects that may be taking place. Integration takes just 2-4 weeks.
Mercaux has integrations with many systems and can work with data in various forms and through multiple APIs, enabling retailers to digitalise stores while ‘leapfrogging’ old backend systems with no need to upgrade them.

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