Our add-on solutions elevate your in-store capabilities to a more advanced level in your digital transformation journey. Our comprehensive suite of add-ons covers many in-store scenarios, from social media product discovery to mobile payments, turning your store into a fully integrated digital ecosystem.


Styling & Bundling

Leverage your community of Sales Associates to style outfits or build product bundles within the App. Curate collections of styles or bundles with trending seasonal items.


View user-generated content and easily access social media posts from celebrities and influencers featuring your products to encourage customers to purchase and generate more sales.

AI Recommendations

Artificial intelligence uses image recognition and machine learning to build entire outfits of matching products, or recommend similar looking alternatives when a product is out-of-stock.

Floor Runner

Save time by eliminating endless replenishments trips to the stock room by sending requests directly from the shop floor to staff in the stock room.

Store-Side Orders with our Queue Scenario

With the need to maintain social distance between shoppers, many retailers are limiting the number of shoppers allowed in-store and facilitate a queue system for the overspill.

The queue scenario allows staff to engage with people in the queue (at a safe distance), browse products or looks, create a basket and have this transferred to colleagues in-store to fulfil.

Mobile Payments

Complete an in-store, ecommerce or other-store (click and collect) transaction whilst standing by the customer's side, anywhere in store.

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