Post-Lockdown Challenges

  • Single customer view across all channels
    Social Distancing & restricted numbers in-store
  • Higher sales conversion with personalised service
    Customers uncomfortable returning to stores
  • Enhance your CRM with in-store behaviour data
    Overstock of SS20 collection that needs to be sold

Social Distancing & Restricted Numbers In-Store


Consumer QR App

For those customers that want to keep their distance in-store, give them all the benefits of the Mercaux App, on their own phones.

Prompt them on entering the store to scan a QR code (or visit a website) and they will be taken to a branded version of the App with all the functionality found in Mercaux’s Sales Assist solution, such as scan a barcode (for product info and availability), browse catalogue and bookmark favourites for later purchase.

Self-Serve Kiosks

For customers that are uncomfortable engaging with your staff, provide self-service kiosks that provide all the functionality of Sales Assist and Omnichannel.

If they want a product brought over, or wish to ask a question, they can request the help of a Sales Associate from within the display or self-checkout for a fully socially distanced experience.

Store-Side Orders with our Queue Scenario

With the need to maintain social distance between shoppers, many retailers are limiting the number of shoppers allowed in-store and facilitate a queue system for the overspill.

The queue scenario allows staff to engage with people in the queue (at a safe distance), browse products or looks, create a basket and have this transferred to colleagues in-store to fulfil.

Appointment Setting

We are currently developing a brand-new solution that will allow customers to book appointments with your staff via a booking widget on your website.

Allow customers to book a time to use your dressing rooms (with clean products ready to try on) or join a stylist for a highly personalised visit in a secluded area of the store. Receive, manage and add notes to customers profiles that have completed a visit.

Customers uncomfortable returning to stores

Remote Selling

For some customers, the anxiety from lockdown measures will mean it will be weeks (or months) before they are happy to return to stores.

By accessing a customer’s previous engagement with your brand (by using Mercaux’s Clienteling Solution), you can continue the conversation by sending personalised product and looks suggestions via email for them to purchase through eCommerce.

Advanced Communications

We are currently working on new ways for your store teams to communicate and build stronger relationships with your customers remotely (beyond simply using email) by included SMS and WhatsApp functionality to the Mercaux App.

We will also be bringing the human touch to your website by releasing a plugin for visitors to your website to speak to store staff.

Selling Overstocked Items

Bundling items into looks

Our digital styling functionality allows brands to bundle products into looks and encourage customers to purchase these looks for a single price (without the need to rely on heavy discounting).

For future seasons or collections, think about subtly using previous stock to complete a look and sell-through the overstocked items.

Primary position in App

The Mercaux App has numerous places where overstocked items can be pushed more prominently to encourage staff members to sell these items, or for self-serve customers to engage with them more.

Using Mercaux’s configurable UI, create a space on the App’s main landing page or add a special badge in the catalogue area to give these items more promotion in-store.

Remote Selling

Mercaux has surveyed over 1,000 shoppers and retailers to understand the customers’ level of comfort when it comes to returning to stores and retailers’ sentiment and methods to meet the new consumer’s demands.

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