Karen Millen

In-Store Sales Uplift & Omnichannel Commerce

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We saw an incredibly speedy adoption in stores and an almost immediate 4.5% uplift in sales. Our store colleagues love using the app, and it has become a vital part of their daily sales process.

Louise Mitchell, Global Retail Director

I was amazed how seamless, quick and convenient the integration process with Mercaux was. We went live with the app within a few weeks from the start of the project.

Pratibha Kini, IT & Business Development Director

Project Overview

Karen Millen partnered with Mercaux to enable their in-store digital transformation and empower sales people with mobile technology that delivers all the information they need at their fingertips.
Trialled in 10 stores, Mercaux has now been rolled out to all 33 Karen Millen UK Solus Stores.

  • Integration
    Easy & Fast Integration
  • Results
    Strong & Measureable Results
  • Roll Out
    Phased Roll-Out
  • Modular
    Modular Out-of-Box Solution
  • Adoption
    Fast App Adoption

Modules & Functionalities

Sales Assist Styling Storytelling Staff Empowerment Communication Endless Aisle
  • Sales Assist
  • Styling & Storytelling
  • Omnichannel
  • Staff Empowerment
  • Communications
Sales Assist
Provide sales people with the ability to scan and search for products and instantly access detailed product information with stock availability
Sales Assist
Styling & Storytelling
Leverage content and marketing material to enable sales people to sell outfits, not just products. Show recommendations for how to style products and view AI-generated alternative suggestions for when products are not available
Search for products in other stores and online and place online orders directly from the shop floor
Staff Empowerment
Empower sales people to be advocates by creating looks and building outfits directly from the app
Staff Empowerment
Empower your team with tool to share ideas and build a community of staff that has a voice. Generate feedback from sales people on products, materials, and looks and communicate from head office with instant notifications
Endless Aisle
Check inventory online and across all stores in real time
Endless Aisle

Results & Effects

  • Increase Sales
    Increase in store sales
  • Interactions
    Interactions per Store per Week
  • Looks
    Looks per Store per Month

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